Wednesday, 7 November 2012

week 2

31/10/2012 Wednesday
Well I got up had porridge for a change, with watermelon and coffee, still sugar free, then instead of catching bus walk down my mum it only 3.5 km away, so I could help my step father move so heavy boxes , which we did a quick trip to the council tip to move some old rubbish, then went to get the flow coat fibreglass gear and harder for my kayak surf ski, she got some ding's that need fixing, perfect time of year to get her done now while the water cold, anyway back, thought i do a sneaky session in the water but the swell too big for my skill level, and last thing i want or need is someone having to rescue me, because i been stupid and made the wrong choice and gone and got in trouble in the water, so just went home, got home and had  a bowl of sprouts, on there own you either love them or hate them, also had a couple of bits of toast, and more watermelon , need to do a food shop, but away at weekend so trying to hang on, worked threw the afternoon on my business looking for canvas, got some  priced up and sorted, had tea which was cottage pie again but had a few oven chips, has i been sort of good and stayed off the sugar. a couple of hours later,
 I was looked out window saw the rain and wind,  thought never mind the rain get your arse in to gear.  I put my winter running gear on, and off i  went not too bad at the start just after first half km got my breathing in a comfortable pattern, bit  quicker than i normal do, as i have asthma and i take it slowly till am happy, stay that only got two running speeds any way slow and extra slow, any way ran past all the farmer field in the pitch black new it would be safe all the kid too busy with Halloween to be hiding in the dark fields. I got back to the main road and still felt good just hit my 3. 4  km and didn't  feel  good run up the bank, just had nothing in the legs and felt dizzy, spotted a shop and went in got my self a energy drink, which i drank nearly all in one go, walked for a couple of minute, felt okay so i started to run again, got up to nearly 5 km and my legs and body just turn to jelly,I new at this point  all i could do was walk rest of way home, it was  wet windy and dark and over 2 k walk to get home, if i used short cuts, got home  around 7 ish just filled bath lied in the water to get warm, still wasn't feeling good, but i put incident down to sugar withdrawal,  from my diet,  and after having a couple of cups of soap, just called it a day and had an early night, lucky i always
carry a couple, of pounds id and inhales phone and tables in case i have an allergic  reaction to something,

01/11/2012/ Thursday's
Up early watermelon and porridge,  for breakfast with my cup of coffee having a rest day due to what happen  last night, so having a pj day, and need to pack a bag having a couple day away at week end hill training, anyway dinner toast and beans , then i made my home made veggie curry and rice not a drop of oil or butter used in its making, and my own  recipe's, and i manage to fit a few hours of working, the plus side of being own boss, and  working from home,  well one guess what i had for tea curry and rice, still feeling well not a 100% but i listened to this old body and rested  not much to report to day.

02/11/2012 Friday
Up early toast coffee bananas and toast,  last minute packing some  food for my mini break, going to be good and stay on the straight and narrow food wise as much as possible, and get some  work done and some hill training in , my lift  here time to go.
Got to my accommodation had coffee sandwiches on wholemeal brown bread Quorn ham with load of salad and a bottle of water, now time to go an do a long walk before the rain hits, just me and my camera.
Have to admit did stay out when the rain started just cos i saw a shot i wanted to capture, and i did, then got back cooked tea veggie grills wedges, and salad and of coarse coffee, anyway early  night, need to catch up on some reading.

03/11/2012 Saturday
Up Early went for a run across the hills before breakfast , back shower breakfast toast coffee and a pear water, going out with the camera later.
Back dinner time curry and rice, i cooked extra the other day and froze it , and brought it with me, need to get my pictures posted on line in a bit , been to the on site gym crap but a least a bit of a gym session i got done went to use loo and dried on pee so no wait till i got back to my accommodation , and it was heaven straight in the shower , not feeling hungry so just had a couple of bit of fruit, and water and a glass of orange juice, going to rest up for an hour, then listen to the radio for a bit. love the talk station, haven't got a TV out of choice as that was part of my problem. curling up in front of it stuffing my face, so it went when i started to get fit last year, and do miss it sometime, but if i really want to see something, i just nip down my mum.
Time for bed home tomorrow been good just what i needed a stress free break, as been juggling some much lately .

04/11/2012 Sunday
Toast coffee a couple of fig roll biscuit , well what can i stay am not perfect, and do fall off the food wagon sometime, and i run them off later, any way all packed on way home.
Home unpacked time for tea oven chips veggie and a veggie Burger ,water  waited an hour or so then went  on a run.
I did a 7 km run just to stretch the leg muscles, time for  bath and bed .

05/11/2012 Monday
Breakfast coffee pear toast, need to do some work at a meeting later.
Meeting went great, time for lunch, sandwich on whole meal bread salad and veggie ham, time for a run , back just did 2 .2 miles in 9:45 , fastest i ran for a while, did  a both miles under 10 minutes, so  i did missed treadmill off gym workout, and just did 16 minutes on rowing machine, 10 minutes on stepper, a few sit up, i hate sit ups, and hand weights, and gym ball,  had enough then hit the shower,  tea curry rice my home made stuff , coffee must be about my 6 one today, but am still off the sugar, so not totally bad , time to chill and read a good book ,

06/11/2012 Tuesday
 Up coffee banana toast as all way , but have to be good and chain my self to the home office, back did 4 hours of writing had to be done costing price list , wish i could pay some one to take care of the practical things, then i could be out with my cameras, most of the time, yes my passion, anyway dinner grills broccoli and sprouts, coffee and bottle of water  than a quick run just did 4 miles in 45 minutes but was more of interval training my style 5 minute runs 1 minute walks, for full 45 minutes, all on local parks lots of up and down bits shower  then out visiting a friend, back time for tea noddle soup with cup of coffee and a banana , then more water , feeling a bit tired early night for me, and still sugar free and went on the scales not supposed to for the month just want a bit of a boost and did better than i thought, lost 2 kilos since i started training again.not bad and quite happy hard works paying off . end of week 2.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Marathon training day 1 week 1

Marathon training day 1
( hoping i get better with my writing, but bear in mind am dyileck so spelling and punctuation will be off at times )
I will also be doing 5k event to half marathon events while training for my first full Marathon.
Don't even know what date it will  happening but know it will be around 7th October 2013 it not a normal flat marathon no flat parts expect across the dam wall.
You thinking as a serious athlete and club runners,  what she playing at. In my defence am a ex couch potato trying to get  fit and healthy, and plus  i done the course, i be running for the Marathon, during 26 miles dualathlon,  and wanted to quit from before mile 10 as was ill on the day, but i didn't, and did cross the finish line, but i done 15 event since June 2011. I run  around anywhere between 9-11 minute miles now, (so  you read this and thinking i could go faster) and i say this to you, good on you, good luck, and am happy for you but. i run 9-11 minute miles, yes I am slow but i get from a to b,  not all runner are blessed with speed, and my speed my speed , yes heard all the  bad comments and the funny comments before, all i can say is i have developed a thick skin now. When i started running last year, think i averaged around 15-17 minute per  miles, so am happy with my current pace per mile now, but  i am  still aiming  for 8-9 minute miles, 

25/10/2012 Thursday week 1
The blog part 1 day one properly
got up which is a start had 1 cup of coffee 2 bits of toast  and 3 strawberries cream biscuits,  yes my diet a disgrace, you don't know the half of it, but you will over the next 11 months, i will get better but been back on the junk food for 12 days, and been feeling like crap,  put a few kilos back on.  The winter blues hit  me big time, so i  have had to slap myself and refocus. I have found  my mojo again so weaning  myself of the junk food again.
 Need to do a run, and study am 20 hours behind in my course work, drawback of study at home, and at my age with the distractions of real life, my age is somewhere between no spring chicken but not ready for the carpet slippers and pipe just yet, plenty of life in the old dog still, (lets just say between 1965 and 1985). Today have veggie grill broccoli, carrots and peas  and brown rice for tea, then did a four mile run in the dark, rain, wind , wind was pretty bad in exposed area and went right through  my winter running clothes, the run nearly killed me since i put the extra kilos on the run was slower than normal, and got cold quicker apart from head, which was sweating with my hat on, and running up the bank killed my fat arse, but need to get back up to 6 miles and lose 6 kilos in next 8 weeks as got a 10km  run i entered, in the hope it keeps me focus during the cold winter days and nights, and keep my mood under control, while am getting  my body back up to half marathon distance. Hoping  by April will be back to half Marathon distance, then I will  still have 6 months plus, to be up to full marathon distance, that my plan.just add distance each run, as well as different type of terrain.
Okay did have a sneaky treat but the chocolate  bar i got off my mum said please eat me and  last bit of junk food left in my home, i think, so just had to eat it, I be back fully on the healthy eating waggon soon  and back to 3 meals a day  have also had my fruit today, bananas and a pear today so not totally bad, and did say am not some super fit athlete, still a bit of a couch potato, but without a TV as ban from my home, that how i got fat in the first place, watching a box in the corner of a room a slave to it , no longer, radio keeps me up to date with the world,  and that's easy to multi-task with radio on in background,
 that's day one over. night .

Friday day 26/11/2012
Up not feeling the best, but going kayaking  later, breakfast was  toast on wholemeal bread coffee and one banana , addicted to them, time to get my spare bedroom emptied  all my furniture's from it going to a lockup my dad got, been using my living room as a gym, but  is no longer acceptable as got too much gym stuff now. So come tonight, i will have a gym room, time to go .... back got my things in lock up even had lunch out,     cheese salad sandwiches on wholemeal bread, and i hate cheese, but i need to eat and am  try and get back to set meal times, or bad habits creep in and get junk food.
Went  to go kayaking but waves too big so had to call it off, but had one of my camera with me so got a few shots off and had a good 2 hours walk, clear my head.
I admit i found more chocolate in back of fridge, it all gone now, and was lovely i must say and last of junk food gone apart from 1 can of soda. I just it drink when i feel like it, I didn't buy it, my mum gave it too me around 2 weeks ago, and took it didn't want to hurt her feelings, as she doesn't understand about the diet and exercise plan, but she improved lots, baby steps for her, on the dieting, I never eating meat or fish for over 10 years and when to lunch last year and she made mince dumplings and veg, and she passed my plate over and said, hear your dinner, it only mince, not meat you can eat that. Bless she had gone out of her way to make it as well. You have no idea how hard I worked to spare her feeling, and not laugh but the rest of the family weren't so nice and were peeing them selves laughing. I just continued with a straight face, and said thank you but mince is meat mum, she then say well just push it to the side of your plate well , that was it rest of the family were in hysterics, so  looking at rest of family with daggers, and discreetly trying to not touch the meat on the plate, was so happy when she left the room, had to pile the food on their plates lets just say i was starving  by the time i got home. My mum still can't understand the veggie diet and why i do it , family's anyway getting side track, doesn't take much. for tea on today  i had wholegrain brown rice veggies and homemade veggie burgers. Finlay put all my get fit toys in spare room all set out. Which means, i got a living room again, as well  as a  gym room.  living room now  /office/ photography studio,and living room.
All done looked at clock and day had gone just about time for bath and bed, and no training done, but did get a long walk and some weight lifting done by moving furniture, to the lock up, and doing bedroom.

27/10/2012 Saturdays
Well up, bad head stomach cramps and really bad mood, some don't think a meditation session going to work on  my pmt this month. So  avoid me at all cost to day or walk on eggshells super bitch mode for next 24 hours at least then normal bitch mode return. Breakfast coffee toast painkiller and never talk them but in agony today, .........
In middle of setting up own business, waiting for meeting and  for official go ahead. Which is Monday, My bad mood needed  a trip to the beach, with all my camera, so i can taking  some pictures for my portfolio, just relaxes me, and i  needed some new shots, and  i get some exercise in  with all the climbing and walking  involved. Home still the bitch from hell mood, but my love of photography took my mind off my pmt , be pleased next couple of months,  when and if  my  work starts to sell,  (hoping)  be totally set up by then,  anyway.  Skipped lunch,  did have  a couple of bananas and coffee, and water while out, but need a shower freezing cold, and  wet threw, but worth it for one of the picture  i took today,  just knew, I had taking a really good  shot, while  pressing the button on camera, did take loads of pictures. about 2 to keep 40 to sell and rest play with, and delete but all photography will tell you you just know when you seen something, it just there,  back again loved my shower then a soak in the tub, to help with the cramp, and feeling better no running today,  or gym work, just not fit enough and tired of climbing and walking, did around seven miles walk today. Tea had a veggie quoin ocean pie am was feeling  too lazy cook, (and burn everything)  so had left over veg from yesterday with it and coffee, okay i admit coffee keep my blood flowing . I don't drink don't smoke,  i have the odd can of soda and bar of chocolate, and sometimes eat  a bag of chip from fish shop,  or a ( maccas ) after i complete a event over 10k as my treat.Soon as  i go into training properly no junk food in sight, which will be some point next week, as i enter a 10k in December to keep my mind on my marathon training,We had first snow falls on Friday went as quick as it came but temperatures still cold, anyway another day gone and bed.

28/10/2012 Sunday
3 o'clock banging headache done bugger all, apart from sort photos out, and had my normal breakfast toast and coffee, then more work on photo's, had guest come did the whole hostess  thing guest went lunch ocean pie again with broccoli and mix veg coffee, no water to day yet, but soon going to hit the home gym soon, the  treadmills need a run out, but mine too small and can only walk on it, still can't run outside lady will understand this more if there get bad cramps in legs as well as stomach's that time of the month. Men just don't understand full stop, and avoid contact for a few days , wonder why there do this , and men there cry over a cut finger or a cold better  know as dose of man flu which is what us ladies call a head cold , saying that man flu  is a very serious condition, so am led to believe, from a couple of man flu survivors.
Time for sports gear on and work out, back did 1k walk on treadmill in 8.46. last year it  would  of  took me 14.minutes, at least,  went on rowing machine 300 pull in a time of  10:03  a distance of  7.10 km went on the stepper for 5 minutes did my hand and ankle  weight for 5 minutes and 5 sit up so a nice easy start back in training, and have the cruse of ladies at same time, so not too bad after my slacking off.
I have decided to  post my statistics from head to toe, so i got a new online record of how my body will  changes, some more i hope, But i  remember, I have  allready lost way over  3 stones but my original weight between me and the scales, here we go.
my statistics
back to 67 kilos (10 1/2 stones) put 4 kilos on from a over a week of no training and junk food, but at five three in height it shows,
21 inches round my head
13 1/2 inches round my  neck
39 inches round shoulder to shoulder
12 inches top of arm
9   inches elbow
6   inch wrists
37 inch bust
34  waist
38 1/2 hips
391/2 bum
22 1/2 round each thigh
16 inches round knee
14 1/2 calve
9   inch ankle
all measurement are  from  left side of my body for arms and legs. Shoe size left foot size 3, right foot 4 1/2, to size five,  wonky body. Once every month i will take measurement again and post so will be a monthly record, of how good and bad i been.

29/10/2012 Monday
Woke up went to make my coffee, and realised no sugar left , then i worked out i had gone threw a 1 kilo bag  in about 16 day.  I decided no more sugar in my coffee, and gone cold turkey, so sugar free coffee not nice, toast and two bit of watermelon, only because i ran out of bananas , time to get some study done be back later.
Sorted went to a appointment in 9 weeks time i be south employed.  Just got a few bit and pieces to do but scared and excited all at the time. I  noticed when am out every chance i get, i find myself having a little jog, even to and from the local shop, On the coffee front still sugar free, and every one still breathing just, harder than i thought it would be. Giving up sugar in my drinks, is one of only 3 food addictions i have left which is  sugar in hot drinks, coffee and bananas, but all so treat myself to chip after my running events, so have to put 4 addiction down now and 5 oven chip i love them, other than that my diet can be really good when training, and really bad if i have few days off, but am also a vegetarian,  and would be vegan but i can't give up fresh cows milk, did try lasted 4 weeks, about 6 years ago, and veggie chocolate, anyway   time to get ready and go or a run.
Okay that  4 mile run wasn't  too bad, my first day back running properly, did all up and down session only flat stretch was about 400 meters but needs to be done, as  Marathon course is all hill no flat bit except the dam wall, and i know this, as i done the exact same course, during my first dualathlon , 26 miles of hell it was  (due to car sickness on drive up yes i should have pulled out) but i work out if i could just get the first run 11k done, work at  one mile at a time and see how  i go, over 4 hour 36 later and i crossed the finish line. Smiling even though i felt like death , and yes going to be running the same course, and see if i can get close to my dualathon time, and hoping am smiling at the end. Food i eating to day still sugar free but been snacking on Mellon and bananas had cottage pie with veggies for lunch,  toast for tea which bananas , wasn't hungry, but i know it important to get my body eating, at set times, and drank plenty of water, and coffee of coarse  did have a sneaky biscuit while out,  at my meeting, Time for a bath and bed and yes still sugar free

29/10/2012 Tuesdays
well up, craving sugar bad, had my first coffee and toast and a piece of watermelon, keeping my last banana for later, now time for some work work , be back later. The still  craving sugar  but the Watermelon helping.  I had cottage pie again  with broccoli and spouts, another cup of coffee, must admit only had 4 cup of coffee to day, it losing its appeal without the sugar, which is a good thing i suppose. Anyway for tea  had 1 banana more 2 more bits of  toast and a massive pear and another piece of watermelon, waited an hour did a workout in my little home gym,  walked another 1k on treadmill  in a time of 9:03,did 500 pulls on rowing machine in a time 15:59, and distance of 12:02 km, 15 minutes on my Carl Lewis surf machine, it helps me with my balance, did 5 minutes on the stepper and five minutes on the weights and did the Swiss gym ball for around five minutes. Over did It, as i was doing swats fell backwards getting up and fell on bum, just as well it was  my bum had a cushioned fall, does come in handy having a fat bum sometime. Am the most clumsy person i know.  Then i jumped in shower, got out, had a coffee number 5, and some more watermelon, be time for bed soon as tomorrow in between my normal day to day things. I got a session in the sea on my kayak waveski and another run planed, don't know how far, i see how i feel tomorrow, but it will be flat run , finally  week one over.